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Gaia online profile layout

Why gaia online profile layout is so famous

Before we start we should know little history of gaia

Gaia-Online is most famous game It was founded in 2003 with the name of, later on the name was changed to in 2004 by its owner

Gaia is very interactive anime-themed social networking website. It is very famous among teenager. There are more then seven million unqiue vistor on gaia  .It was founded by Derek Liu (username "Lanzer")

Gaian can create a customizable avatar and a customizable virtual home for which they can purchase items using the virtual currency called gold, sometimes called gaia gold.

How to change your Gaia online profile layout

This is pretty easy job. All you have to do is go to your account settings, and then you go to preference. From there scroll down, till you are at the end of the first box. Now it should say choose profile. Unless you have some fault on you avi's account.

Now just pick your favorite profile and save it

Have fun

Secret - Free gold

Ways to get free gold
1. Surf around!
2. Add comments
3. Post on Forums
4. Use the Vending Machine near ur avi
5. Vote on stuff

Secret - Earn over 30K a day!

Finding glowing tanks is a lot faster and easier than visiting a forum full of high trigger tanks. Spending at least an hour of your time on there playing Booty Grab in the dolphin tanks is guaranteed to earn you at least 30K.
I also have a few tricks for maximizing the amount of gold you get from playing Booty Grab.
- Making the Fish Stay Still

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